Pipe lay Accomodation Work Barge

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Available for sale: Pipe lay Accomodation Work Barge

Class ABS + A1 Accommodation Barge (equipped for Pipe lay)
Flag Singapore
Port of Register Singapore
Year of Built 2006
Additional Compliance Special Purpose Ship Safety (SPS), CAP 437 Helideck, MODU CODE

LOA 100m (330 ft)
Breadth 30m (100ft)
Depth 6m (20ft)
Draft (Minimum) 3m approx.
Draft (Maximum) 4.5m
Deck Loading Capacity 15MT/m2
Deck Working Space Approx 1,000m2
Mooring Arrangement 9 point mooring system
Mooring Winches 5 x single drum, 45MT (mid drum) capacity, complete with 1200m of 42mm
diameter wire rope
Aft Winches 4 x single drum, 35MT (mid drum) capacity, complete with 1000m of 42mm
diameter wire rope
Winch Control System Local and remote control. Electro hydraulic system
Tension Monitoring System Fully automatic with payout length and tension measurement
Anchors 9 x 7 ton delta ippers and 4 x 5 ton delta ipper
Anchor Winch Stealth uses the A&R Winch (100MT)

Tensioner 2 x 50MT track tensioners
Maximum Pipe Size 60” OD
Minimum Pipe Size 8” OD
Control System Fully automatic electro hydraulic with manual override joystick control, pay in and Pay out

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Throughout his professional career, Pieter Korterink remained rooted in his maritime family background and experiences as he advanced his career occupying positions primarily in International Business Development for organisations in the maritime industry. As a maritime professional, he geared his focus and expertise towards fundamentally understanding the needs of organisations operating in the maritime industry and serving them with tailor made innovative solutions. Instinctively, it is his commitment to serving these organisations that led to the foundation of Mantis Marine. Consistently, Mantis Marine serves as the new found platform through which Pieter Korterink is dedicated to understanding the needs of customers operating in the maritime industry and serve them with stellar maritime solutions.

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